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6 February - 7 February
The Conscious Club x The Hortus ๑ Winter Recovery

A dream come true! The Conscious Club is bringing light art and ancient instruments to the amazing jungle greenhouse of the Hortus coming February for our very first Winter Recovery Sessions!

Imagine yourself in this perfect setting: getting recharged during the cold and dark winter days with three essential elements to boost your happiness; art, music and plants. And now imagine all of this greatness in a warm jungle garden. Yes. Heaven!

It’s no secret that music, art and plants have a very positive effect on our health and happiness. It increases the happiness hormone dopamine, boosts creativity, your mood and overall happiness. The ultimate combination during these dark winter days!

During this Winter Recovery session we will take you on a Sound Journey.
Sound Journeys are known for its healing purposes. Sounds in harmonic vibrations are being used worldwide for meditation, healings, relaxation and personal well-being. All you have to do is sit down comfortably and silently receive the soothing sounds of the journey, a beautiful way to relax and recharge. There is no sound journey experience required, only a curious and open mind-set.

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