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Do It Yourself

On our DIY (Do It Yourself) page we take you through several green projects you can do inside your home!
How much fun is it to do some crafting and giving nature a helping hand at the same time?

How to make seedbombs

What do you need?

Potting soil
Betonite clay (also available online)
Seeds of wild flowers (for example this flower mixture by the Cruydthoek)
A little bit of water
Possibly 2 teaspoons chili powder (to prevent nasty bugs)
Empty egg box

Getting Started

1. Mix two parts of the potting soil with one part clay. Add a little water to this. Do not add too much: The mixture must be moist to stick, but it should not become mud!

2. Knead the mixture well. Add a little more water if it is too dry.

3. Take a hand of the soil mixture and roll it into small balls of about 3 cm in size. Then roll the ball over the flower seeds and press the seeds firmly against them.

4. Let the seed bombs dry for one to two days. You can easily store the balls in the old egg box.

5. Take them outside: find a place that could use some brightening up and put the seed bombs on the ground. Don’t do this in a nature reserve or botanical garden. Pick a spot in your garden, or that of your neighbours (please ask first!).

6. When you have thrown away the seed bombs, it is only a matter of patience until the seed bomb ‘explodes’ and the seeds germinate into cheerful flowers.

Our friends from IVN made a nice video on how to make seed bombs. Watch the video here.

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