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Primary Schools
For primary schools we have one lesson program available in English: the Shopping Basket Tour.

Shopping Basket Tour (Ages 7-10)
Time: 1.5 hours
Groups: up to 30 pupils
Guides: please bring 1 adult per 5 pupils
Price: € 5,00 per pupil (adults for free)
Reservations: at least two weeks in advance

In small groups the children will search for plants that are used for making food and objects. Each group receives a shopping basket containing ten products and has to find the corresponding plants. For each plant a few questions have to be answered, for example: which part of the plant is used? What kind of climate does the plant prefer? The edible products in the basket (e.g. apple, banana, chocolate) can be consumed directly. A delicious tour!

The class will be split up in groups of 5 children. Each group should be under supervision of an adult. A Hortus employee will welcome the group and explain the tour. Please make your reservation for this program by contacting Saskia van de Klundert via or 020 – 7025430.

Higher Education
Contact: Saskia van de Klundert via or 020 – 7025430.
For higher education we offer guided tours in English, French or German on any related subject matter.

University degree education
Contact: Freek van Kessel via 020-7025 401 or
For biology students the Hortus provides colleges on biodiversity, tropical ecology, economic botany, plant evolution and more. The Hortus is partner in the following academic courses:

University of Amsterdam: Plant Biology.
University of Amsterdam: Tropical Ecology.
Naturalis Biodiversity Centre, Leiden: Plant Families of the Tropics.