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The Hortus store & cafe

The Hortus store

The Hortus store is located in the former director’s home. The building, originally built in 17th century, but rebuilt in chalet style in 1862, has been used as an office, shop and gatehouse. In the Hortus store you can find plants (taken directly from the auction), and a carefully selected range of gardening tools, books, postcards, jewellery, and stationary. You can also find Hortus products, like, bags, Tshirts, notebooks, and postcards decorated with reproductions of the famous Moninckx atlas (late 17th and 18th centuries), but more exclusive are our co-productions with local artists and manufacturers, such as candy with Pappabubble, recycled bannerbags, or posters and Tshirts.

Friends of the Hortus receive a 10% discount on purchases in the store. Discount does not apply to books, art and discounted products. Your purchases in the Hortus store support in the maintenance of  the garden and greenhouses.

The Hortus Cafe

The Orangery is a centuries-old national monument. In fact, tropical plants were already cultivated in wooden greenhouses on this spot in 1715. The current Orangery building was built in 1875 as a lecture hall. The name Orangery refers to the early function as a storage place for citrus plants (in particular orange trees) during winter time. For many years now, the Orangery serves as Hortus café for our visitors to the garden. Surrounded by numerous rare and exotic plants, it is one of the most beautiful outdoor cafés in Amsterdam. Have a look at our actual menu here.

For the first time, the Orangery with its terrace will also be open in the evenings this summer. It will also possible to have a bite to eat at the restaurant or enjoy the sunny terrace at the end of your working day. Every Thursday in September the garden can be visited until 9 pm. More info on Hortus Summernights here. 


Venue hire
The Orangery is also an attractive venue for exclusive parties, receptions, and dinners and it is possible to hold meetings or give presentations there. More information can be found on our venue page.

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