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Become a member

A membership is probably one of the best ways to support the Hortus. Not only do you support the Hortus year-round, but you also treat yourself to year-round access to the garden.

Become a member

Probably the best way to support the Hortus is to become a Friend of the garden. Step into a unique friendship with the oldest park in Amsterdam. You join a friends association of more than 8,000 members who all share a special love for the Hortus. And you can visit the garden all year round. A nice gift for a yourself or a friend.


As a Friend to the Hortus, you contribute to the maintenance of our beautiful garden and collection. There are different memberships, just have a look and see what suits you best. Subscribe for membership? Just click here

One person                   € 45,- per year-
Family membership* € 90,- per year
Guest membership** € 90,- per year

*includes admission for: max. 2 adults and 3 kids up till 17 years
**includes admission for: 1 adult and 1 guest

Membership for life
Age < 55 years
€ 900,- (1 person)
€ 1800,- (family/guest membership for life)

Age 55-64 years
€ 680,- (1 person)
€ 1350,- (family/guest membership for life)

Age from 65 years
€ 450,- (1 person)
€ 900,- (family/guest membership for life)


Should you have any questions regarding your membership or the Friends organisation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Vereniging van Vrienden van de Amsterdamse Hortus
Attn Monique Segenhout, secretariat
Plantage Middenlaan 2a
1018 DD Amsterdam

020-7025403 (on Monday, Tuesday and Friday)

IBAN: NL46INGB0000349168 by name of Ver. Vrienden v.d. Amsterdamse Hortus

Wiegert Dulfer, chairman
Marco van de Koppel, vice chairman
Daan van den Briel, secretary
Martijn Bolkestein, treasurer
Wonah de Koningh, member
Petra Verbrugge, member
Sebastiaan van Triest, member

Questions? Let us know

You can reach us on our general number: +31 20 625 9021