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Tulip exhibition

1 April - 30 April

Dit evenement is afgelopen.

In April,  the Hortus always has a small tulip exhibition. Forty wild and cultivated varieties can be seen in the garden. The exhibition  includes our native wild Tulipa sylvestris but also shows Tulipa acuminata with its needle thin petals, that seems to have run away from the famous Ottoman tiles and fabrics. You can also find the oldest cultivar Tulipa ‘Lac van Rijn’ as well as Insulinde, this dark purple tulip looks just like the expensive bulbs from the time of the tulip mania.

In the past 4 centuries man has been able to create thousand beautiful varieties. The typical Dutch Tulip shows little resemblance to her ancient forefathers from Kazachstan. In this small exhibition, though, you will find them side by side.