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Magical flower tour (6-12 yrs)

8 July - 3 September

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It’s the summer holidays, time to explore the colourful, fragrant world of plants and their pollinators. Did you know that plants use tricks to attract the various creatures that pollinate them? They make flowers with sweet nectar, bright colours, and entrancing scents.

Fuchsias have red petals that attract hummingbirds. The giant waterlily is pineapple scented at night, which attracts flying beetles. And the giant Aristolochia flower smells of rotting meat, so it’s popular with blowflies.

Imagine you’re a pollinator. What are your favourite flowers? The most colourful, the sweetest tasting, or the ones with the strongest smell? This quest is suitable for ages between 6 and 12. Collect your free discovery trail at the reception from July 8 onwards.