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into the wide world (age 6-10)

20 July - 4 September

Dit evenement is afgelopen.

Imagine you’re a plant. You want to spread your seeds as far as possible, and at just the right time. You don’t have legs, wings, fins, or a car. How do you do it?

You send your seeds travelling the world! If you’ve ever blown a dandelion clock, you’ll know that the seeds fly through the air like parachutes. And what about those little burrs that travel long distances by hooking themselves onto animals’ fur? Berries end up in the stomachs of birds, which fly around and poop out the seeds somewhere else. And coconuts float on the waves and can end up half a world away.

On this discovery tour, you’ll learn how seeds fly through the air, cling to your dog, float along rivers, and provide a tasty snack for birds.

The discovery tour is available for free at the entrance.