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Art exhibition – Making Space

14 June - 1 September

This event is ongoing

From 14 June to 1 September, the Hortus hosts a special art exhibition entitled ‘Making Space’. With five contemporary visual artists we reflect on the Hortus; its location, its collection and the history of this place. Through artworks scattered throughout the garden, visitors are challenged to look at the world around them with different eyes. How do we interact with the space around us? How do we relate to all the living and dying things that surround us? What space does the Hortus occupy? And what would happen if we’d return space to every living thing around us again – and take care of our world together? 

Check out this programme page for info on the exhibition and artists.

This exhibition is curated by curator Jelmer Wijnstroom. Featuring artworks by: Hadrien Gérenton, Saskia Noor van Imhoff, David Jablonowski, Isa van Lier and Suzie van Staaveren.