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1 January - 31 December
2019 Plants and health

Plants are essential for life on earth, plants are essential for our health. As food, but also as medicine, plants offer us valuable basics. In the 17th century, medicinal herbs were vital to the city’s health care. The Hortus was founded in 1638 as a medicinal herb garden, the ‘Hortus Medicus’. To this day medicinal plants still make a large part of our plant collection. Active substances in medicinal plants have various positive effects on the body.

Moreover, plants have an effect on us on several levels; plants and trees in the neighborhood, especially in the city, contribute enormously to a healthy environment. Just think of air-purifying trees in your street or houseplants in your living room. A green environment has a soothing effect. A forest walk can have a stress-reducing effect. Since October 2018, physicians in Scotland are allowed to prescribe ‘nature visits’ as official treatment. And forest bathing, orginating from Japan, becomes more popular by the day .

This year, we place these healing plants in a well deserved spotlight! From April to September, you can visit the exhibition ‘Plant power’ on medicinal plants.  And there are various workshops, lectures and other activities throughout the year.