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how do plants eat?

how do plants eat?

In order to live we need energy. We get that energy from food. We humans eat by chewing. Food enters the stomach through our mouth and is thus digested. But if you can’t chew and don’t have a stomach, do you eat? Plants also need energy. So they also have to “eat”. Actually, plants do that much better; they are able to provide themselves with energy. They make the sugars they need for life energy themselves. By means of photosynthesis (something only plants can do!) a plant produces its necessary fructose with water, carbon dioxide (CO2) and light.

Plants form the basis of the food chain. This selfmade energy is used by all the following organisms.

Plant eats animal

– Carnivorous plants

Besides water, air and light, plants also get nutrition from the soil.  In areas like swamps and boglands the acidity of the soil is too high and contains no nutrients. Here, plants evolved in feeding themselves with insects. To catch this flying prey, they developed ingenious trap techniques. Plants skip the chewing part entirely and directly go over to digesting the food.

Living of air


To live of air alone would be impossible for both humans and animals. Some plants can do this though: epiphytes. These plants often grown on other plants and trees. They have a metabolism that requires very little nutrients for growth. They collect nutrients and water (vapor) from the air, and because of their high position they have ample light.

Colour the Carnivorous plants

Carnivorous plants come in all kinds of colours: green, red or yellow.
Give these plants a nice colour!


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Colour the Epiphytes

Epiphytes come in all colours. Give this fantasy Epiphyt a colour you like.

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