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Brilliant plants

Brilliant Plants - an online exhibition

This year the Hortus is all about 'Brilliant Plants'. On this page you will find the online exhibition 'Brilliant Plants' in which you will learn more about the hidden intelligence of plants.

We seem to have a tendency to describe plants as lifeless things. Humans and animals eat, feel, communicate and think. That signifies life. But plants do that too. In 1880, Darwin and his son dared to carefully state that plants have some form of intelligence (The Power of Movement in Plants). From experiments they found that plants eat insects and even could communicate with each other. When we redefine the terms with which we describe ourselves as living, we see that plants can also eat, move, communicate, hear and flirt.
In this online exhibition ‘Brilliant plants’, we show the hidden intelligence of plants. From June 1 onwards, the exhibition will be on view in the garden.