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Suidafrikaanse Skoonheid – South Africa Exhibition

15 July - 31 October

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The history of the Hortus Amsterdam and South Africa are connected. Within 10 years of its establishment as Hortus Medicus, the Hortus Amsterdam grew to a botanical garden with South African plants as first prominent exotic collection. The South African collection of the Hortus Amsterdam is unique in the Netherlands and tells the fascinating story of the ancient band between the Amsterdam Hortus and the Cape.This special collection plays the lead in the exhibition of summer 2017. The Hortus shows plantgroups from South Africa in various places in the garden and greenhouses. From the colorful flowering Namaqualand to the unique fynbos.

The exhibition tells you  the story of the historic connection between the Hortus Amsterdam and the Cape, but also illustrates the botanical aspects of South African flora, survival strategies in the desert and the threats of the modern world.