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Hortus Talk #5: 3D-printed food

25 May

Dit evenement is afgelopen.

We’re living in the future. 3D-printed food sounds futuristic, but it’s much closer than you think. Our guest Elzelinde van Doleweerd has her own 3D-foodprinting business: Upprinting Food. Think savory biscuits made from stale bread and brown bananas, or tempeh made from sweet potato or orange peels. Elzelinde is an industrial designer and develops ways to give food leftovers from restaurants a second life. In this Hortus Talk she’ll give you a taste of the future!

We welcome you this spring in the classrooms of the Kaslokaal in the Hortus. Together with host Gisbert van Baalen, known for the ‘Vogelspotcast’, the Hortus invites researchers, artists and other interesting speakers for live conversations with the public. Join the Hortus Talks!

Please note: this programme is in Dutch only. Tickets can be purchased through this link.