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Hortus Talk #4: Active ingredients

10 May

Dit evenement is afgelopen.

We all know that hallucinogenic drugs will make you trip. The active ingredients of drugs are often extracted from plants and then processed. Exciting, but have you ever thought about the multi-sensory experience of ordinary herbs? You can actually see, smell and feel plants! Our host Gisbert takes on the challenge of the multi-sensory experience. We will dive into the world of active ingredients with George Beentjes, former botanical garden guide and expert in pharmacology and toxicology.

We welcome you this spring in the classrooms of the Kaslokaal in the Hortus. Together with host Gisbert van Baalen, known for the ‘Vogelspotcast’, the Hortus invites researchers, artists and other interesting speakers for live conversations with the public. Join the Hortus Talks!

Please note: this programme is in Dutch only. Tickets can be purchased through this link.