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greenhouse concert – Annelie – sold out

10 September

Dit evenement is afgelopen.

This summer, the botanical garden of Amsterdam will once again host a series of classical concerts in the Palm Greenhouse. Between centuries-old palm, you can listen to the music and relax as you like; take your mat or favorite pillow and find a nice spot in the greenhouse to experience the concert.

A lay down and listen concert is a unique and personal experience where all your senses are stimulated. Listen to the sound of the music, feel the warmth of the sun and the cool breeze in the greenhouse, smell the greenery around you and dream away.


Pianist Annelie achieved great success with her neoclassical debut album “After Midnight” (2018), which reached more than twelve million streams on Spotify. She mainly gets her musical inspiration from pop music. The piano is the most suitable instrument for her to translate her deep, mysterious feelings. Get ready to enjoy some new music from Annelie and immerse yourself in the music.

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There is no classical concert setup for these concerts, the audience can look for a nice spot in the greenhouse themselves. Bring your own mat and/or pillow to relax. There are a few benches and some chairs. The Hortus garden and Oranjerie is open to everyone before and during the concerts until 21:00.



The Hortus has taken measures to make small-scale programmes and guided tours possible. These are in line with the National (RIVM) guidelines. The artist gives two concerts for smaller groups of visitors.  This allows us to keep enough distance from each other in the Palms greenhouse. In between the concerts we clean the room. You can buy a ticket for one of the two concerts: 19:00 – 19:40 or 20:15 – 20:55.



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