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2020: Brilliant Plants

1 May - 31 December

This event is ongoing

During a research project with a group of primary school children, we asked why animals were more liked than plants. “Because animals live,” was the answer. … Shocking. Do we humans sometimes really think that plants are lifeless things? That tendency seems larger than we realize. Redefine the terms with which we describe ourselves as living and plants can do more than we think. The year 2020 at the Hortus Amsterdam will therefore be dominated by Brilliant Plants.

We eat, feel, communicate and think. That is life. Plants also do that all. In 1880, Darwin and his son dared to carefully state that plants have some form of intelligence. When we define intelligence as the ability to respond to and adapt to the environment, we can indeed attribute this property to plants. The adaptability of plants (and also animals such as humans) leads to a survival of the species. When we translate those human “signs of life” into the plant, we see fantastic, ingenious techniques and strategies to literally survive in the environment. From April to September, we feature the exhibition “Brilliant Plants” about the hidden intelligence of plants.  Also, there are various workshops, lectures and other activities.