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The Conscious Club x The Hortus – Yoga Flow & Yoga Nidra

18 June

Dit evenement is afgelopen.

We’re excited to share that The Conscious Club and Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam bundled forces to create a beautiful and exclusive program this summer for body, mind and spirit in the Palm House!


Yoga Flow and Yoga Nidra with Essential oils by Suze Retera
We start with a strong but moderate paced Yoga Flow practice that allows you to open up the areas in your body that feel tight or contracted. Allowing you to actively release tension. After an hour we lay down in Savasana to balance the activity of the yoga flow and release into a deep nurishing relaxation. You get to enjoy half an hour of Yoga Nidra supported by special organic essential oils.

We don’t provide any pillows, mats or blankets; please bring your own so you can sit down comfortably! We recommend comfortable clothing and something underneath your winter clothing since it’s between 25-30 degrees in the jungle greenhouse.

The session start at 19:00. Doors open 30 mins prior to the event so you can pick a seat. We can’t disturb a started event due to the meditation aspect of it, so please be in time!

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